Missing persons of Waverly Tennessee Flood 08/21/2021

This post is to inform the public of missing Persons of the tragic flood that took place in Waverly Tennessee. If you have any information on the name of the people listed below please contact us at staff@trentoncurtis.com or if you have an emergency media report please notify authorities first and then contact us at 615-450-4763 to have missing information added to this post. Our heart goes out to all of you affected it really hits home when it’s your local community. If you need help or assistance or if you or your company/business are offering help please contact us as well. We will get through this Humphreys County!


Update: Mark Kee has been located although is no longer with us. Prayers for the family.

Mark Kee; lives on Joe Street

Wayne Douglas Spears

Update: Wayne was found deceased.

Donna Bradley Apt 28A west Brookside drive; 62 years of age

Update: Donnas been found Deceased.

This is 16-year-old Nathanial Whitsett.
His aunt tells me he is autistic.
She says Nathanial was trying to climb to the roof of the complex when he was swept away by the flood waters this morning.
Again, it is hard to get any details on search and rescue efforts because communication is down in Humphreys County, Tennessee.
Just awful.

Update: Nathanielsl’s been fond deceased

Amber Newman

Catherine Wilson

Update: located although deceased, praying for the family.

Michael Betty

Amber Newman; Dollar General employee per her Mom has not been located. Her car is parked in the DG parking lot. They have check the store and the hospitals and shelters that they knew about. She is mid 20’s African American short stature and short black hair.

Tiffany Green, Isaiah Green age 8, Cameron Sanders age 6 were all in Creekview Apt B on the 2nd floor.

Joe Reeves lives on Joe St

Elizabeth baucom, Glenn Harris and their daughter Evelyn. Last know place was a trailer park behind tractor supply in Waverly TN.

Ralph Williams. He lives at 314 W Main St. 80 years of age

Joshua Hendrix

Update: found Deceased

Unknown Name missing Juvenile

Update: she’s been identified as Lucy Connor and is still missing

Update: Lucy has been located; she is no longer with us.

This is two-year-old Kellen Burrow-Vaughn.
His aunt Trista Tidwell Forsythe tells me Kellen was swept away from the same apartment complex on East Brookside Dr. in Waverly as the twin babies in the prior post.
He was in the apartment with his mother and five older siblings when the flood waters suddenly hit.
Kellen was swept away … went under … and disappeared.
The rest of his famiky was rescued.
At this time, no word on the search and rescue effort.

The family of Jason Miller and Paula Ayres say they are missing from the Creek View Apartments.
The family has had zero contact with them today.
Both have medical conditions.

The man pictured below is Scott Kilburn.
His family posted that he saw someone drowning in the flood waters and jumped in to try and save the person.
He was apparently on the roof of his vehicle when an elderly woman swept past in the turbulent waters.
He went in after her.
It is believed he too was then swept away by the floodwaters.

Update: Scott was found deceased

Janice Ramsey; she lives on Sutton Ave around 78 years of age

Lilly Bryant; last seen near the Cooley Shell station age 15 additional information can be found by clicking here.

From Humphreys County Officials:

UPDATED MISSING PERSONS AS OF 9:30am on 8-23-2021:

We need the public’s help. If you have physically seen or talked to the person listed below please contact 931-582-6950 or go to Mcewen High School at 335 Melrose Avenue in Mcewen and report to the gymnasium. They are open 7am-5pm. These are the spellings that were given so they may not be 100% accurate. If you know someone that is not on this list call and report to the same location. When you report we need your name, address, phone number, and the current location of the person.

We have several reported by first names only. Please if you previously reported someone missing and have now found them CALL US and let us know they are safe. We have resources searching inch by inch, in and out of debris.

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47 thoughts on “Missing persons of Waverly Tennessee Flood 08/21/2021

  1. Maxie Scurlock and family are okay. We were able to reach them by backroads. They have a generator set up for their oxygen.


  2. Trying to go d out about my grandkids, Brianna a,d James Ryan, will be 11 I, October, mothers name Angela Wafford Cook


  3. My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. I am so saddened to hear about those who are deceased. My heart breaks for those who’ve lost their homes, vehicles, whose jobs will be affected. Sending love and prayers. There are accounts set up for those who wish to donate (make sure the account is legitimate). There are really no words for this tragedy. I live in Camden, right down the road, so these are our neighbors. Benton County will be here for you. ❤❤❤


  4. Thank you for doing this.
    My friend Fiona Seiberling Jackson has missing family members they are very worried about.

    Catherine Perigo and her husband both approx age 75 who live on Railroad Street. No one has heard from them.

    And her aunt Pauline Smith approx age 90, who lives on what used to be Clydeon road (can’t remember the new name) No one has heard from her either and they’re beside themselves with worry. With phones down it’s nearly impossible.

    If anyone has seen them or knows if they are safe please contact Fiona directly. Thank you. She’ll post their photos soon.


  5. I can’t contact my father. His name is Christopher Gillia. He lives behind Mike Philipi’s shop on Clydenton rd. If anyone can help me figure out how to find out if he’s ok, please let me know.


    1. Mike got everyone out of the trailer with the bucket on tractor. The trailer is gone. Washed down stream. Chris went to the Church of Christ . Call them and see if he is still there


    2. Mike got to everyone in the trailer with his bucket on the tractor. The trailer isn’t there anymore it floated downstream. Chris was taken to the Church of Christ shelter in Waverly


  6. This is so sad so heartbroken for everyone.Praying with Hope that God Our Creator brings comfort and Blessings to these communication.❤
    Be Strong You Are Not Alone.
    In Christ Jesus

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Paula Ayers and Jason Miller are OK we picked Paula up at McDonalds and got them some dry clothes and dropped her off with Jason and bonehead at the tobacco store about 3 yesterday afternoon. She was talking about going to David


  8. Please have respect and not show the photo of Wayne Douglas Spears in the water. He is deceased and this photo is heartbreaking to his family and those close to him. Please just show the one of him
    On the horse as that was the way he lived while doing his job on the Loretta Lynn Ranch.


  9. Praising God for those found safely. Lord Jesus, please provide miracles for those still missing. Comfort the families of the deceased. We call on You now, Lord Jesus.

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  10. Praising God for those found safely. Lord Jesus, please provide miracles for those still missing. Comfort the families of the deceased. We call on You now, Lord Jesus.


  11. My heart and special prayers go out to the families of those missing, and to those who have been found but are gone. May God’s Peace be with you, and hold you ever closer to His heart! May he wrap his loving arms around you until His Love and Peace comforts your aching soul..


  12. Dear Lord in Heaven,
    In the name of your son Jesus Christ allow those that are alive to be found and those that are deceased to be given rest and to be found by their families for closure.
    We don’t always understand why things happen, but your Grace is always there to help us get through the toughest times.


  13. I am told that Nathanial Whitsitt was located.
    I am sorry to say he is no longer with us.
    He was a very good person and will not be forgotten.


  14. Amen! I Stand in Agreement with all those who have Prayed & I ask, You, Holy Spirit; Comfort these Families and Move on behalf of all those that are still missing, that a Favorable Report be Given & for those whom you’ve carried into the Presence of the Father, give Comfort to their Loved ones, that they are at Peace & resting in the arms of the Father. Thank You Lord Jesus, for it’s in your name that we Pray & make our Requests! Amen!


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